Mozilla Firefox 3.5 V.S. Internet Explorer 8

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Which Web Browser do you primarily use on your laptop/tablet PC?

  1. Internet Explorer

    9 vote(s)
  2. Mozilla Firefox

    49 vote(s)
  3. Google Chrome

    16 vote(s)
  4. Opera

    9 vote(s)
  5. Other

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  1. e-schreiber

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    I've been using Firefox for several years in all my computers. Performance-wise, I can't see any noticeable difference between any of those browsers -- by the way, I have all 4 installed. However, when I take into account the large number of extensions out there, Firefox becomes the undisputed winner. I've heard several stories about its poor memory management, but I have never experienced any troubles with that....It has never taken more than 400 Mb of my RAM. Maybe because I never have more than 3-10 tabs open...(?) Anyway, those that abandoned Firefox long ago due to poor performance, should give its current version 10 a try.

    Here are some of the extensions I use that make Firefox the perfect browser for me:

    Grab and Drag: besides adding the obvious ability to "pan" (move a webpage up and down like a PDF), it provides a convenient mechanism to switch the panning on/off through double-clicking. Needless to say, this can also be done through a button on the toolbar. Furthermore, this extension has a "drag multiplier" option that allows the user to drag a page, let's say, by 50 pixels, but have it move by 200 pixels, instead (effectively, a 4X multiplier). I wish my PDF readers had this feature! A 1-to-1 drag sucks!

    FlashBlock: prevent Flash videos and animations from starting automatically in the background. Any particular website can be white-listed.

    All-in-one Gestures: use gestures performed through right-clicking/right-tapping to trigger commands used frequently such as: Close current tab, Reopen a closed tab, Open one or several links on new tabs (with one single stroke all these links I posted can be opened on separate tabs), Refresh page, Follow next/previous links (like those on the bottom of this forum), Duplicate current tab, Zoom in/out an image or text, etc, etc. This extension makes the Win7 Flicks look over-simplistic.

    Browser View: allows for a page or link to be opened with any of the other installed browsers.

    Context Bookmarks: makes the Bookmark menu accessible from inside the context menu (right-click menu). I personally use the extension Menu Editor to move the "Bookmarks" entry to the very top of the context menu, making "Bookmarks" the 1st option.

    Hide Caption Titlebar Plus: Maximizes your vertical space by fusing the Titlebar with the Toolbar. With this extension, it's possible to only "waste" about 50 vertical pixels with Firefox's UI. Similar to how Chrome frees screen real estate.

    Tab Mix Plus: provides a multitude of ways to tweak the behavior and appearance of the tabs. Among them, it allows the user to re-open any of the last 10 tabs he had already closed. Also, it provides a beefed up "session manager" that can save the state of all tabs currently open so that all of them can be re-opened at exactly the same paragraph they were when they were closed.

    Tree Style Tab: displays the tabs vertically and hierarchically, which also helps maximize vertical space.

    SmallringFX Dark Green: this is just a theme/skin for Firefox, but it looks pretty cool.

    No doubt some of there features are available through Chrome's own extensions, but I'm only familiar with the ones on Firefox.
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  2. negative1

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    i started off with firefox 1.5 with addons..
    but gave up on it after all the changes with 2.0,
    and 3.0 etc... and have NEVER thought about
    using it again..

    i've been using ie 6.0/7.0 and recently 8.0 but
    it has been a backup mostly..

    i tried opera but didn't care for it much,
    unless using it with the nokia 810 for small

    i tried chrome for awhile starting with version
    6/7 ... and was fine with smooth scrolling,and
    pen extension up until version 10...

    the last 7 or 8 versions of chrome lock up and
    slow down after about half and hour.. i usually
    leave my browser windows open all day long,
    with 2-5 tabs at the most..... i've finally gotten
    tired of the lockups and crashes.. mostly from
    flash plugin and sometimes silverlight (i'm using
    windows XP)...

    i've gone back to IE 7/8 as my main browser,
    it's a lot more stable, and hasn't had any lockups.

    if i need to access a newer site with html 5.0 stuff,
    then i pull up chrome, browse for awhile, and close it
    down when done..

    firefox - too many updates/problems/don't like UI
    opera - doesn't work well enough for me
    chrome - too many issues with lockups/crashes

    ie - most stable, fastest response, can't view newer sites..

    so IE wins hands down for me..

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