Motion R12 Boot Order Issue

Discussion in 'Motion Computing' started by Jesus Belinchon, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Hi all.

    I found a very weird issue on the Motion R12 tablet when deploying a custom Windows 8.1 image.

    If I enter the Bios before deploy my custom image, I mean when still have the OEM W8.1 I can change the boot order moving up and down the element USB Key with no issue. I can change the boot order, I save the change. If I reboot the machine and enter again in the Bios the changes I have done are there, everything fine.

    The issue comes when I deploy my custom image using a very simple CM 2012 Task Sequence. Once the machine has been deployed, "magically" the boot order changes so the USB Key is on top on the list. If this is not weird enough, if I try to change again the boot order moving down the element USB key and save changes, when reboot, the USB key is again on top of the list. Does not matter how many time I try to modify the boot order, the USB Key allways remain on top of the list after reboot.

    I have tested this issue on several units, always same behavoiur.


    Thanks in advance
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