Motion and Intel Announce C5 Tablet Study Results

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    Motion Computing and Intel have teamed up to make the healthcare system more efficient and affordable, with the introduction of the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant. Since the C5 was released hospitals and physicians world wide have been testing out the benefits it provides. The results have been announced and the C5 is a hit.

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    Nurses love the convenience the C5 provides and how easy it is to use. They can use the docking station or carry it around as a normal slate tablet. The portability and form factor makes it perfect to use at the patients bed side. The C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant is putting a new spin on patient care.

    The barcode scanner, RFID and camera help make nurses jobs easier. With the C5 on-hand physicians and nurses can keep patient vitals, information, medicine changes and more updated constantly.

    Results from some of the study participants:

      Alegent Health in Omaha: Study results far exceeded the goals set. Up to 34% of preventable harmful medication errors occur at point of administration, and during the C5 study, clinicians identified 15 of 1853 “near misses”.
      Children’s Hospital in Omaha: 15 percent productivity and efficiency increase, enabling clinical pharmacists increase time spent bedside with the rounding care team.
      Johns Hopkins School of Nursing: 85 percent of nurses rated C5 as important to helping improve nursing practice and increasing efficiency.
      Medical University of South Carolina: The results indicated a decrease in the transcription error rate from 25% to 7% when documenting at the point of care using the Motion C5 MCA.
      UCSF Medical Center: 60 percent clinician productivity improvement and 83 percent reduction in manual transcription of patient vitals information.

      Motion Computing's CEO, Scott Eckert, discussed how the C5 is primarily targeted toward healthcare professionals, but is still an all around great computer. It has the specs of a standard notebook and can run Microsoft Vista or XP. It runs on a 1.20GHz Intel Core Solo processor, has a 1.8" hard disk drive and a 10.4" XGA TFT LCD display with 1024 x 768 resolution. For a detailed list of specs check out Motion's website.

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      Future Plans for the C5

      We also learned that Motion Computing and Intel plan to update the C5 sometime this coming year. They would like to enhance the battery life and improve the handwriting recognition. That might make this little tablet perfect for note-taking college students.

      Motion also hinted to some work they have been doing with the military for use on the battlefield and work with third-world countries. In Africa they are trying to start the One Laptop Per Clinician program to bring an affordable, yet efficient way of healthcare to those in need of help.

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