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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by The1, Jan 29, 2009.

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    I've only been a member for a couple of days, but I've been visiting this site for a while now and have noticed that most of the threads in the HP forums either have a TON of posts in them (and rapidly degrade from their subject), or have good content and are pushed off the first page into oblivion. Can we do something to keep things on topic and to preserve the good threads before they're lost?

    I have one suggestion to encourage this to happen (pertaining to the HP forum, because that's what I frequent):

    More subforums. This will make it easier to find what readers are looking for and encourage people to keep to one subject in threads.
    TX2XXX and TX2. Those systems are distinctly different enough that separating them might be called for. This might become evident (or disproved) as time progresses...​
    Games. Goes without saying. Games are a good part of why people buy computers. Not so much tablets, but they have their place.​
    Upgrades. People like (or eventually will) want to talk about upgrading ram, hdd's, that sort of thing...​
    Operating Systems. Upgrade to Win7, downgrade to XP. VERY popular topics! It might be a good idea to create sub forums for each OS, and a sub-sub forum for Drivers...​

    Again, it's confusing to read threads because they're so random... I'd like to help stop that and keep folks on topic. The above suggestions might help people organize their thoughts more effectively.
    I also hate seeing good threads die as they drop below the first page. Very sad.

    I hope you consider my suggestions. I love my new TX2 and your site is a great place to talk about it!
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    We've been waiting about a year just for ONE more forum...haha, I think it may be a while for several more!
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