MIT Students Demo Pedal Powered Laptop

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    If staying in shape isn't enough to motivate you to workout, maybe working out on an exercise bike to charge the battery in your laptop is? MIT students have come up with a unique contraption that converts the power you generate from riding a bike into energy your laptop can run on.


    According to MIT News the so called "pedal-powered laptop" began as a class assignment for an Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering course. Students were instructed to design and build a device that converts mechanical power into electrical power. A team of seven students took an altered exercise bike and made it so pedaling caused a 12-volt car battery to charge. This 12-volt battery then charged a laptop, that was mounted on the front of the bike, via a 12-volt cigarette-lighter adaptor.

    The seat on the bike is adjustable for different height people and the laptop mount at the front is adjustable. The student designers found that it was easy to generate 50 watts of power via pedaling at a relaxed pace, which is more power than the 30-watts that's required to power the laptop used in this setup.

    I look forward to the day this type of contraption is available. Imagine being in a gym that had both these and LCD TV displays. You could workout, work and watch TV at the same time. Multi-tasking and sensory overload freaks, the future looks bright indeed!



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