Misbehaving Mail app and system time

Discussion in 'Asus' started by abeki, Nov 24, 2014.

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    A typical quartz oscillator can keep time accurate to about +-15 seconds per month.
    My VTN8 was falling behind 30 minutes per day. I thought this was a physical defect and that I had to go through a 3rd RMA.

    I also had issues with the stock Mail app (configured for gmail) downloading gigabytes of data a month, even though I only receive a few megabytes of emails a month. Not only that, it would randomly drop certain conversations from display, and it says it has synced when it hasn't. I had enough of it and removed my gmail account from the Mail app (switched to desktop Outlook 2013, which is so much better in every way).

    To my surprise, the system clock became accurate again! I'm utterly bewildered that configuring arguably the most important app on a tablet with one of the most popular email provider would cause the system clock to slow down. Anyone else encounter this?
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    Nop, using the included metro email application with 3 Gmail accounts and one outlook and never had this problem or the massive data download, and I keep hundreds of mails on my accounts.
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