Microsoft's Hope For "Passive Consumer Trickle Down"

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by dellaster, Jun 1, 2018.

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    Jason Ward of Windows Central published an article today on why Microsoft continually fails to understand the consumer market, leading to failure after failure.

    He comes at it from an interesting angle. Starting in the 1980s they got into the habit of focusing on enterprise needs and it would all trickle down successfully to the consumers, who at the time wanted computers, OS, and software that allowed them to take work home. And they're still hoping for that strategy to work even a decade or more after the tables turned and consumer tech became the cutting edge stuff that trickled up to business (e.g. BYOD). I summarize badly, perhaps, so go read it for yourself.
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    I'm sure you're summary is great. I like Jason Ward but he really needs an editor to firm up his prose.

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