Microsoft to replace Edge with Chromium based browser

Discussion in 'Press Releases and Announcements' started by DRTigerlilly, Dec 3, 2018.

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    Seems like even with Edge Chromium, there are still some 'incompatibilities' with Google services that crop up, that are magically solved by switching to Chrome, @2:53:

    Smoking gun: incompatibilities solved by switching the user-agent to 'Chrome'...ah, the wonderful world of tech corporatism we live in.
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    Isn't it funny how people will make fun of you for not jumping on the 'counterculture' bandwagon once that becomes the main culture? Edge is the counterculture to the mainstream counterculture but the counterculture trailblazers cannot see that what they have done is just created another mainstream!

    I use Edge. It is fast and light and I am getting around in it pretty good. But...and it is a big butt, every day another site stops working correctly. My online bill pay places pretty much all need me to use Opera now (I don't do Chrome). The web 'developers' detest MS because they must all be counterculture critters and anything MS does with Edge they purposely code to make it not work right. With MS adopting the same rendering engine I imagine counterculture heads are exploding all across the planet....
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