Microsoft Here Maps on Windows 10 Laptop with USB GPS Receiver

Discussion in 'Software' started by h6j49qc, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Hi Everybody,
    I am trying to do turn-by-turn navigation with a standard Windows 10 Laptop and Microsoft Here Maps.
    This is an offline setup using previously downloaded maps, the big advantage of Here.
    I have a USB Navilock 601-US GPS receiver attached for this purpose. The Microsoft
    Here application doesn't seem able or willing to use the position data from the GPS receiver
    for some reason or other.

    I know the Navilock works as it comes with it's own app ("u-center 6.01") that shows position
    and all kinds of other satellite data. I've tried closing this, restarting, etc., everything I could think of,
    but nothing helps. If WLAN is on Here gets a rough position from that, if WLAN is off it has no idea
    where I am, so I know it isn't using the GPS.

    I see no settings in Here that go down to the level of baud rate or com port... you can only tell it to use
    your position or not.

    Anyone have any ideas?!
    Many thanks in advance!
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    You should try mapspro which is the only W8-W10 software that support usb or Bluetooth external GPS.
    Or you have to use a software, I forgot its name, to transform usb or bluetooth gps data into the new GPS API introduced in windows 8. Most of the softwares, including Microsoft Map, supports only this new GPS api.
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