Microsoft could have learned from the B121

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by webkrawler, Jul 12, 2014.

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    Microsoft could have learned a bunch
    of stuff from the Asus B121/EP121 when
    making the Surface Pro.

    I don't think the Surface has a button for the keyboard on the bezel. A few
    times I have been in the metro screen IE and I have highlighted a line
    and I want to bring up the keyboard so I can tap on the COPY key but there
    seems to be no easy way to bring up the keyboard unless you tap in a text
    box. At least on my B121 I can use the keyboard button on the bezel.

    I hate the Windows button at the bottom of the screen on my Surface RT (which is the same
    as on the Surface Pro). These larger tablets are designed to be carried around in the
    horizontal view most of the time. I go to grab the tablet with one hand on the
    bottom bezel and BAM, I have accidentally touched the Windows button and now the
    screen I am on is gone. On my Windows RT device I have gone in device manager and actually
    disabled the button entirely. On the B121, the HOME button is off to the right. And
    it takes a bit more ooomph to press it. THAT'S the way it should have been done
    on the Surface tablets.

    It seems to me that the B121 was made for Windows 8.1 before Windows 8 was ever
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