Microsoft announced a budget NTrig/MPP pen

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by siddhartth, Jan 23, 2019.


Which tablet and Pen combination will u prefer for classes and reading?

  1. iPad 2018 + Pencil

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  2. A budget 4GB ram Windows notebook + Microsoft classroom pen

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  1. dstrauss

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    Can't speak for @darkmagistric but Wacom EMR has historically been sensitive to strong magnetic fields. Those of us that had a "smart cover" for the Asus Vivotab Note 8 learned that when folded back against the back side of the device the strong button magnets embedded behind the cover would make your ink stray all over the place - I think it was @Bronsky that showed us how to perform surgery to pull the errant magnets. Guess they mess with the magnet field the pen senses?
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  2. Bronsky

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    I recall doing the surgery to my Asus Note 8 case but for some reason, I think I was the second person to do so.
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  3. darkmagistric

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    Its the nature of the Tech.....EMR = Electro Magnetic Resonance.

    This is way too simplistic of an analogy to adequately explain the tech behind it. But think of the Pen tip as basically being a magnet....and the mouse/pen cursor as a little metal dot. The cursor will follow the pen tip......just as metal would follow a magnet. But when you add other magnets into the equation, it goes to hell....and that is the tragedy with the Galaxy Book 2.....due its form factor....the keyboard cover and bottom bezel of the tablet are very very magnetic.....and that is interfering with the pen performance. The center of the screen is usually fine.....but the edges closest to the magnet get hit pretty hard. And since the Galaxy Book 2 has a built in magnet in its bottom bezel (for the keyboard cover slant)....the entire bottom of the screen, gets kind of freaky with the pen position.

    Now....Magnets aren't necessary an instant no-no with EMR. You just have to carefully engineer the device around that. For example. the HP Zbookx2 also has a magnetic based keyboard cover despite having an EMR Based Pen......but the zbook doesn't have the same problems the GB 2 has. Which means HP took the time to ensure it wouldn't have those problems by either ensuring the device has enough internal shielding, enough space between the magnets/bezel/ & screen, and probably using weaker magnets. Samsung from what I could tell.....didn't take any of that into consideration when they were creating the Book2. Even the Galaxy Book first gen had magnets in it for the oregami keyboard cover. But that was done smartly....and those magnets did not interfere with the pen performance at all. Its like Samsung did an Engineering 180 with the Book2.

    Now other Pens like the Surface Pen (Ntrig/MPP), Wacom AES, & Apple Pencil use a different pen method called ES = Electro Static. The Pen data basically piggybacks off the touch screen data instead. There are a few pros and cons to this method over EMR....but one an ES based Pen does not have the same Magnetic weakness an EMR pen would have.
  4. desertlap

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    Thanks, I actually understood the technical differences much more than the experiential which ultimately I think matters more.

    Sitting here this morning with my borrowed GB2 I think I can sort of see the issue as I have to be a bit more precise if I'm inking right at the edge of the screen. Again for the way I use a pen not a big deal, but I could see how my daughter who does make actual art, might get annoyed.

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