Massive frustration with Lenovo, being in the UK etc

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by ren77, Feb 29, 2016.

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    So I've been after a new Thinkpad Yoga to replace my venerable x201t for a while.

    The 460, x1 & p40 looked like the ideal candidates, so I've been waiting. October turned into November turned into December and so on until here we are on the edge of March.

    The X1 Yoga is a decent price hike over every other country, and some 2-300 GBP above what Thinklogic, were suggesting the prices were.

    Lenovo agents say no news, no prices, no delivery times for 460 & p40 Yoga.

    Thinklogic have listed & unlisted P40/460/X1 yogas, claiming 15 day delivery...3 week delivery, etc - I don't buy it though, when Lenovo have no dates or knowledge.

    I did want to wait for the P40 Yoga, for one thing, the claimed RJ45 socket - yet will this actually be present?

    Latest from Lenovo, is maybe they'll be available in April...pfffff

    So do I...

    Buy the Best Buy 460 from the US (warranty??

    Buy the X1 Yoga in the UK, from the Lenovo online store? (UK warranty, reclaimable VAT)

    Wait an unknown amount of time for the p40 yoga? (to possibly turn up not to spec, and over priced?)

    Anyone else in a similar quandry? Or have any advice? - UK outlets, decent US shippers etc?

    Thanks in advance
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