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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by Frank, Apr 26, 2010.

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    Normally I don't visit the main site at all :p , however, today I did it and had to laugh a bit after I read this:

    It's nice, however, it's not true. If you follow the link you get forwarded to a site in which you shall be able to compare the tablet PCs by manufacturer.
    Tablet PC Buying Guide

    But not even this is true. In reality it's just a list of manufacturers, containing few informations of each model. No comparison, almost no reviews, no help at all.

    So the improvement?

    Instead of just linking to a page containing a list of all different manufacturers which produce or produced a decade ago a tablet, better improve this site and add informations that a 'What tablet PC should I buy' thread can be opened in the forum, there's a FAQ page containing detailed informations about important facts and different list comparing different tablet PCs, add categories, ...
    but not just link to a site, looking as if you want to sell tablet PCs.
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