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Discussion in 'Linux on Tablet PC Forum' started by Kyle Porter, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I am looking to finish off my Linux project but i need volunteers to help me.

    My goal is to actually tweak a version of Ubuntu 8.10 so that it provides a GUI at the install allowing you to choose which tablet you own, and it installs the appropriate files FOR you, so it works from minute 1. This is the biggest deterrent for most users.

    - Willing to install ubuntu 8.10 on their tablet
    - Test for bugs
    - Test out the xorg.conf file
    - Look for fixes to hardware issues

    People I need:
    - Testers. Basically runs Ubuntu 8.10 and tests for problems.
    - Bug Fixers. Self explanatory.
    - Secondary Programmer for the GUI.

    Ideally i want to test these models.
    - Compaq 2730p
    - Fujitsu T5010
    - Toshiba m700/ m750
    - Fujitsu t2010/ t2020
    - TX 2000/ 2500
    - Lenovo x61t
    - Lenovo x200t

    - Slipstream appropriate updates, xorg.conf files, a new GUI, bug fixes, and necessary tablet programs
    - Remap executables for screen rotation and calibration
    - Find good looking custom themes that may appeal to new users

    Prebundled software at the end will probably be Xournal, Wine, SHIP (TIP) and a 30 day trial of Onenote (unregistered). For those wondering why install what is considered "bloatware", this is so users can have onenote working from day one and all they have to do is enter their serial.

    PM me or respond if interested.
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