Looking for a old wacom emr hybrid with 1024 levels of pressure

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    Hello !
    I am looking for a shabby but good to draw on old Emr tablet laptops like the X220T or x2230T ,fujitsu or HP. Most important the screen is good condition and has 256+ pressure levels.
    It's okay if there is no HDD or battery or caddy. I really want to find something that has 1024 levels of pressure, Because i do need a lot os pressure levels based on the way i work.
    If you have something or know where i could buy it please tell me.
    budget $150-170 ish
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    1024 pressure levels on an old EMR tablet PC doesn't exist, as far as I know. I have the Asus EP121 and Fujitsu Q775, both nice old EMR tablet PCs that were high-end in their time, and both have 256 pressure levels. I've confirmed this by looking at the raw input they send, one of the bytes controls pressure on a scale of 0-255. A little googling said the X220T has 512 levels, which is impressive if true, but Wacom's been known to pad these things by basically making it count by twos. It could be true though, because the Cintiq 15x / 18sx has a cross-compatible pen with Wacom EMR devices (I use one on both of mine) and that supposedly has 512 pressure levels as well.

    If 512 is enough for you, you might be able to get away with the X220T. The main drawback of that one for art is the low screen res.

    I will also say from personal experience, I feel like there's more pressure sensitivity on the EP121 than the Fujitsu Q775, even though they're supposedly the same. The Fujitsu just has a much narrower range between 0 and 255, that's a lot harder to control with hand pressure. I've used the tablet pressure curve tool to get as much out of it as possible.

    Most of these old Wacom EMR tablet PCs are very similar, though. They all have cross-compatible pens, and they're usually 256 pressure levels.

    If higher pressure levels are important to you, you might be better off trying to get an older Cintiq. That's really the only way you're getting to 1024 with EMR on a screen on an older, cheaper device, to my knowledge. If you don't mind Android OS, Samsung's S-Pen is Wacom EMR (cross-compatible pens and everything) and some of their tablets boast impressive pressure sensitivity. I think 2048 for the Galaxy Tab A, and twice that on the newer Galaxy Note stuff, but please check specs before you buy anything.

    For where to buy, eBay is my go-to.
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    Don't use rubber tips if you want to experience full range of pressure. Even 128 lvls of old UD tablets feel full range because if their hard plastic tips.

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