Logitech Virtual Reality Stylus

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by testplayer, May 30, 2019.

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    Cool, reminds me of a video animator legend Glen Keane did (also back in 2015) called Step into the Page:


    Now this is the kind of thing that might actually get me excited for AR/VR!

    Scarily, I could actually see myself dumping tablets entirely for this... :confused:
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    They just took the Oculus/Vive hand controller and shaped it like a stylus. Just like existing controllers, you have to press a button to initiate and stop inking. Not a true "VR Stylus" if you ask me.

    It's nothing new, although I'll admit it was very awkward to draw with the hand controller in Tilt Brush...
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    That looks interesting, but really for 2D art it would be very awkward and uncomfortable to draw on the air. 3D modelling and scrupting would benefit more from "working on the air", but for 2D art, I would require a solid surface.

    I would be more interested in technology that could select any blank surface (like table) so that throught the glasses we see it as a monitor and can work with pen on it. Or something like Anoto technology with a thin rollable film that can produce pressure sensitive on any surface but instead of using a projector to project video, we use VR glass to see pc monitor displayed on said film.

    Edit: air gesture could be useful as drawing shortcut tho :p. Or having the drawing canvas hover on the air but the pen on a solid surface, like how we works with graphic tablet.
  5. stoneseeker

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    I own an Oculus Rift and have done art in Medium and Quill. Both very powerful applications that take some time to wrap your head around creating in, since its such a new experience. I look at that stylus and other than ergonomics of drawing can't figure out how it brings an advantage in the air over the controllers? I guess I gotta dig a bit because they mention "pressure sensitivity" (??) and they also show someone drawing on a physical desk surface while in VR with the pen, so it must have some hybrid function that allows you to draw on a surface first and then manipulate or extrapolate from that drawing...

    I'm all for pushing the craft in VR though, HUGE potential for modelling up pre production work fast.. as the tech advances I could see more careers utilizing it as a tool for everyday work.
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