List of Wacom AES compatible stylus pens?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Truckasaurus, Aug 2, 2021.

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    I have been down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, to narnia, and back again. I'm DESPERATE to find a good stylus for my new X12 detachable, because I cannot freaking STAND the lenovo precision pen, and the active pen that came with it is too barebones to really be good enough for art.

    I cannot fathom why there are so many different digitizers (apple, unknown samsung, MPP/ntrig, EMR, AES, even the **bleep** "universal stylus initiative" just became its own stupid thing that means chromebooks get their own special pens now too) but the end result is this.

    There are EMR styluses that are easy to find. MPP styluses are easy enough to find (they just use the "surface" keyword). Apple styluses are the same. Even USI ones are clearly marked.

    But god help those of us that use AES. It feels like Lenovo just picked AES to force us to buy the precision pen and pen pro if we want any sort of upgrade. There are ABSOLUTELY NO descriptions on products as to whether they even use AES or MPP, other than the godawful looking wacom bamboo. Who cares if it's technically a better digitizer. If I am stuck with the precision pen for my X12, I will hate it for art far more than my ancient surface pro 4 with 4gb ram and "worse" Ntrig, but a glorious Renaisser 520 pen. Right now I am stuck using a renaisser 520 tip that I chucked in a drill and ground thinner so it fits into my lenovo precision pen, which feels cheap, looks cheap, is long, heavy, unweildy, and because of the ridiculous AAAA battery, is as thick as the "learning" pencils we give to toddlers or recovering stroke patients.

    So let's stick our heads together. List (links to product pages if possible) all AES compatible styluses that you can think of. I know there may be little glitches and hiccups between software, but an AES stylus will make dots and squiggles on the X12, and an MPP pen will not. I'm currently waiting on some "Edivia" stylus that is advertised to work with the Lenovo Yoga c940, which as far as I can cross reference by checking on Lenovo's website which of THEIR pens are compatible with it, should be AES compatible. I'll report back tomorrow when it gets here if that's true or not.

    I'll start with the non-lenovo pens (which themselves are a nightmare, because for my X12, they don't list some of their AES pens like the pen pro as even being compatible, though they are... Lenovo does mention that my x12 is compatible with two backpacks and a DESK though. So helpful. But the Lenovo active pen, Precision pen, and pen pro are all AES compatible)

    There's the LG wacom AES 2.0 here

    The Bamboo Ink here
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