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    With easy access to YouTube, affordable digital cameras aplenty, and a plethora of editing tools and applications found in the digital ether, it’s no wonder that movies, and the many parts that are responsible for their creation, production, and exhibition, are of huge interest to tablet owners. When specifically looking at editing systems designed for the iPad 2, we wanted to reach a verdict on the best iPad Movie editing app that is currently available in the App Store.

    Now to preface, there are many video-editing applications at the App Store, and more will no doubt be available as time passes. There are apps out there that fine-tune color correction, others that implement sound effects, and even those that seem to pride themselves on simplicity ahead of any groundbreaking features. However, we concentrated on the best with the most robust offerings. So we pitted iMovie and ReelDirector in a head-to-head duel, as both are the premiere apps of the day.

    While both iMovie and ReelDirector can be considered fine editing apps, we give the slight nod to ReelDirector. ReelDirector is not only the less expensive of the two, but simply has more features that can be helpful in the cutting process. Read on to learn more about why we came to this verdict.


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