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Discussion in 'LG' started by gonder333, Aug 31, 2009.

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    Edit: i have the R50, R500 configuration

    I have just a few questions that arent major issues but i was hoping that someone could help me.

    I know the R500 isnt a tablet but i found this forum through google

    Firstly my synapsis touchpad constantly crashes and i cant scroll using the pad
    is this common to LG Laptops? my friends have HPs and never seem to experience this issue

    Secondly my laptop came with Realtek HD that has SRS
    before when i would press the volume up or down it would show on the screen where i was in a blue bar that would be horizontal across the bottom of the screen. and when i would press my SRS button it would allow me to scroll through 3 options SRS off, SRS true sound and realtek HD i had each of these tuned to different settings to allow for the best sound in different situations.

    now in the past couple of days this blue bar has gone away and i cant seem to get different sound settings it seems as if it is permanently set to SRS off and i have made sure that it is technically turned on through the audio manager.

    finally the same bar would come up when i would adjust brightness and it is no longer there.

    the problem with the blue bar started right after i turned off a couple of programs that would come up on start up. as i do this every once and a while i dont know which programs i turned off and i think it may be there. does anyone know which program exactly runs this bar?

    Sorry for the long post but i figured the more info the better

    Thank you
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