LG C1 not ready for professional use

Discussion in 'LG' started by mwin, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Since 6 months I use a LG C1 (Centrino Duo, 2 GB RAM) at work. Especially together with MS OneNote it is a fantastic tool. Actually, it _could_ be a fantastic tool.

    Honestly, this computer and also LG are not up to the level required for professional use of their equipment.

    My problems started some 3 months ago when the wake-up from some sleep modus of the machine failed. Failed in this case meant: everything woke up, but the fixed line enthernet controller. WLAN worked fine, but no connection to our company LAN via ethernet. The hardware manager didn't even display the controller. Even a full reset, reinstall of the OS and everything didn't help. Best of all was the response of LG Austria (I'm living in Austria): we don't know how to help, please send in the PC, after 2 to 4 weeks you'll get it back! We've never been dealt like this by our other IT equipment suppliers (Dell, HP, IBM). Sorry LG, you are definitely not at the level required by professionals!

    BTW, I finally solved the problem through a forum discussing the chances of getting Linux to run on the C1. There I found the information about the controller type. In case you are interested: it is from agere systems, a supplier not existing any more, bought by LSI. On the LSI support pages of course there are no drivers for agere equipment. At the end it was no big deal searching the net for another source of this driver.

    Since some Vista upgrade a week ago the tablet pen and the tablet buttons are not working any more. When you dig a little deeper into the drivers, it is interesting to see that the digitizer / pen driver has a readme.doc in korean. Very helpful. BTW, this driver was downloaded from the canadian website!

    I love the concept of the machine, the size of the screen (10in) is perfect, not too small, not too big and there is enough horse power for office work. But honestly, it seems to be a prototype assembled from various components with little to no support from LG.
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