Lenovo Yoga A940

Discussion in 'Artists' started by doobiedoobiedum, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Good to know. I will check that out. I wish that Brydge would make a keyboard for one of the larger IPPs because the problem with type covers is that they have no, er, backbone. For me the closest form factor to idea is the Surface Book (13" for me) and MS could find a way to get a little more battery into the screen/tablet portion it would come really close to ideal. Of course, I would still be jealous of near perfection of execution of the IPP hardware and software, but for my personal use cases it's the basic structure/function that wins the day. As lousy as the MPP is for artists, it's not a big issue for note-takers and as silky smooth as IPP power and polish are I personally need a clamshell form factor more than I need the elegance - not to say I don't crave it though :newpalm:

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