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Discussion in 'Lenovo (Android)' started by desertlap, Dec 15, 2020.

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    So first of all I wish there was at least some restraint in what companies term "Pro"

    It's become utterly meaningless and often misleading and Lenovo is far from the only guilty company (cough: Apple:cough)

    Anyway from a hardware design and feel. it's a very nice tablet approaching either the Galaxy Tab S7 series or the new IPad Air. Although, the keyboard feels like a last minute "hey don't we need a keyboard for our tablet" type of thing.

    It feels both heavy and at the same time a bit flimsy.:(

    Performance wise in our tests it lands in the middle between Samsung's Tab S5e and the Samsung Tab S6 though with a visibly inferior display.

    Even though it will be offered for sale in the US, I think this is primarily for Lenovo's home market and parts of Asia. As much as anything as tablet offering for companies that have adopted Motorola Phones to keep them from straying in to Samsung territory.

    That being said, it does have the same minimalist take on Android that the Moto Phones do, which many appreciate. Especially compared to the behemoth that is Samsung's UI overlay on Android.

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    Their ad plays up doing things “like a pro”, so it should be the Tab P11 Wannabe Pro, no?
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