Lenovo Active Pen 2 (Wacom G13 Pen with 4096 pressure levels)

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by kvoram, Dec 15, 2016.

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    From my limited testing, AES works fine through a screen protector. I suspect (but hadn't tested enough to confirm) that it might slightly increase slow-line wobble, but not enough to worry about. I tested by applying an usused phone screen protector I had lying around on part of the screen and tried to to compare cursor accuracy and slow line wobble. I think in both cases, on and off the screen protector, they were exactly the same, maybe a tiny bit more wobble on the screen protector, but I didn't measure it.

    Some forum-posters here reported an increased in pen accuracy when using the Bamboo Ink. Might be, since sometimes the quality of the pen affects accuracy and precision (see: Penabled EMR pens on Samsung EMR devices and vice-versa). From my limited testing (again: LIMITED) I found that AES pen performance is largely the same, but the physical properties of the pen matter a lot (for example, the rounded-triangular Bamboo Ink is more comfortable to hold than the cylindrical Bamboo Smart. I didn't buy one because I already have a 3rd-party triangular grip on my Bamboo Smart).
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