Least amount of steps to screenshot, crop, and save an image

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mr. Boosh, Sep 7, 2016.

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    I'm switching up how I take notes in vet school since I don't have time to mark up lectures and then create flashcard decks. So, I'm making my flashcard decks during lecture, with a little bit of pen annotating if there's stuff written on the board.
    I need a very fast way to quickly screenshot images, crop them, and then save them so I can drag them into Quizlet.
    Right now I can either double-click of the Surface Pen eraser to go into the new screenwrite feature or to pull up Snipping Tool via an AHK script, but after I do that I still have to crop, press save, pick a location, save it, then drag it.
    Is there a method to simply crop, hit one button, and then it saves? I'd like to streamline the process.
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    I use an old version of Gadwin PrintScreen (V4.7), the free non-Pro version. It allows you to assign a shortcut key (defauly: printscreen) that enables you to rectangle-select a screen region. You can set it up to save to a default location with a preset filename once you hit enter. So the process is:

    1. hit prtscreen
    2. drag select a rectangle
    3. hit enter

    Now the file is in your predefined folder. It also copies the selection to the clipboard, so you can ctrl-V as well.

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