Just ordered Cintiq Companion 2.Should I update to Windows 10? Plz help!

Discussion in 'Artists' started by bloodedemon, Dec 30, 2015.

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    I did review the Yiynova MVP 22 v4 ( the one with the remote), you guys can check out the review here:


    It's a really good tablet, but after working on wacom tablets for 7+ years, I simply got so used to their pressure sensitivity, and the activation force required, that I simply can not truly get used to other technology. I suspect it would be the same for N-Trig, plus I do still plan to use my old intuos 3 SE tablet both on my main workstation and my macbook pro, so juggling the drivers would be super annoying in the long run.

    I played it safe and bought a cintiq 13 HD, as I do not have any shop that sells wacom products other than the bamboos I wanted to see if the screen space will be enough and how good the screen itself really is.

    Well I must say I'm very dissapointed, my artwork looks dull in comparison to my Asus monitor that sports the standard sRGB.... not even a wide gamut monitor. And it's sooooo freaking small, reading text can be problematic and it's so easy to missclick some menu /button in Photoshop/ Clip Studio.
    My macbook pro like all Macs has a 16:10 aspect ratio, and the cintiq 13/Companion screen is a big joke I must say. :/

    Too little vertical space to even comfortably sketch a full figure and too narrow when you flip it.....
    I was always zoomed in, not focusing on the larger picture, cooonstantly panning around if used the flip horizontal function ( which I use a lot ).

    I will probably test it for one or two more days, but most likely it's going to be sold.

    All that made me realise that I would not be happy with purchasing the companion as well as the screen itself has so many drawback in my opinion that the heat, fan noise and short battery life are simply too much.

    If Wacom ever releases a 15'6-16'' tablet/companion I'm probably going to grab that one, but for now I'm going to save up for the 22" and be done with it.....

    I used to own a cintiq 21UX in the past and the Yiynova 22, and I must say that the 22'' feels perfect to me, easy to reach everywhere and you have enough space to use your entire armf or drawing and even bring in some refference on the same screen.

    Thanks for everything guys.
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