Just got my tx2517ca fixed

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by feerof, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Just a heads up, emailing HP for service on your laptop SUCKS.

    I had to wait 4 months to actually get things done correctly, but in the end my case was escalated to the case managers and they got the job done

    actual wait time for the box took forever since there was a miscommunication between the email support and myself... I used the email given in the canadian domain for hp, and somehow i ended up emailing the email support in the US, which is mesesd up, and the person who was helping me did not tell me that he/she could not send the box over, instead he/she made me wait... (i did not know that i was emailing the US email support)

    i then emailed them 3 more times to figure out that I was emailing hp support US... so they escalate my case to the case manager. there was some hiccups along the way, but otherwise it was okay once i got to the case manager level. (as a side note, always phone HP (including tech support, and case managers and everything to do with HP) never email. I don't even know who the hell answers me, they seem to be people that copy and paste phrases that have been said by the previous people who helped me... it feels like i'm talking to overly polite robots.)

    service time was quick, it only took 5 days, but considering i waited 4+ months i think it's was something that should have happened.

    either way, i got my screen replaced, mobo replace, fan replaced, and i'm assuming they put in some new thermal paste... also they re-imaged my hd... so... i get a fresh start... My computer runs very smoothly now, even better than when i first got it... which is kinda weird, but at the same time i think it might just be a psychological thing... but my computer does idle at 45-47 degrees now after i disabled some vista options and uninstalled norton, and i didn't even undervolt yet... which is amazing.

    overall, i was not happy about the wait time, but after my computer got fixed, i feel like this computer is completely new =P and i feel like the touch screen is much more responsive to my touch. worth the wait? I don't really know... but i feel good right now so i'm happy.

    i don't know if that made sense... but i hope i got my point across... never email tech support ... in general never email HP, always phone when you have the chance.
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