Jumper EZPad 5SE an X5-Z8300 with WACOM

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by crazycat, Dec 17, 2016.

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    I have an EZPad 5SE. Basic spec :
    - 4GB RAM/ 64 GB EMMC
    -16:9 1920 × 1080
    -Atom Cherry trail X5- Z8300
    - Wacom EMR
    -Surface clone design with 2 position kickstand and (a thick) typecover.
    -1 usb 3.0, 1 chargeable microUsb , 1 USB 2.0
    -1 microsd slot.
    -1 mini hdmi port.
    -1 dc charging port.

    It's really Wacom, I'm using a Samsung full sized pen with it. I bought mine from a reseller for 200$ with pen and keyboard included.

    -The included pen is trash , not only it's tiny but it skip and have very small range of pressure, the pen from my galaxy note 3 is just as tiny but a world better.

    -Pen calibration is good out of the box except for two spot on the bottom screen edge where magnetic docking port is stationed, nothing surprising and doesn't affect drawing much because the screen is much bigger than 8".

    -Battery life is bad, nothing you would get from an asus vivotab note. I have to turn off onedriver startup, bluetooth, 0% lightning, left only edge with one tab for reference and Clip studio paint to squeeze around 4 hour of drawing out of this thing.

    Also you have to buy a dc charger if you want fast charging ( i got a 5V 3A dc charger from the reseller which is from the previous not penabled EZPad 5S). Jumper went cheap with the 5SE and only included a micro usb cable which charge slowly and even discharge if the tablet is on while charging. It seem the main charging port is dc and the microusb charge was only there for emergency.

    -It's 1.1 cm thick with big bezel for 2016, the opposite of the pocket ability the note 8 going for. The type cover is around 6 mm thick so you will need a bag to bring it around. It's heavy to hold with one hand.

    - Speaker is exceptionally tiny, even with headphone. So don’t expect media entertainment from this device.

    So far I only buy it because it's cheap with good value (wacom, and surface design is surprisingly convenient ). I can bring it outside to coffee shop drawing session without worrying about spilling water on it or something like that.

    The Cube i7 book should be a better value in the US as it's selling for 270$, but reseller price where I live is 350$ (they cover expenses to send to China for warranty if needed ) and if I want Skylake I would want 12 inch with 8G RAM / 256 SSD and at that point, it would be a replament for my main machine, the HP 612 G1 which is still going strong.

    So I only recommend this device if you really only want a good pen on a 10 inch companion device with a lot of ports for cheap and is not away from an oulet for long. If you want media entertainment and a long battery life and have no need of a pen then there would be many cheaper better device out there.
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    Thanks for your review. Can you help with a little more info?
    Has the battery life improved after some use, or have you found settings to alter that have helped the battery life?
    Is the charge port a USB one or a dedicated socket for the 3A charger? What Voltage is this charger (and do you have a link to it)? As I understood it USB-Cup to 2A can be drawn over 5V, and optionally either 5A over 12V (60W) or 20V (100W).

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