Jeff's "Apple's Consumer-hostile Design Choices Make Me Nuts" Thread

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by lovelaptops, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I agree with all that you say except that I, alternatively, am not "a free market guy as anyone" but think that any solution that mega-corporate America resists is a bit harder for them to resist if it's a "market-based" mechanism, so it's usually the better approach to advocate if there is a prayer it will get through. It's kind of a smoke-and-mirrors "solution" when the fee in question would be based on an unbelievably complex economic calculation of the life-cycle costs of a disposable vs. repairable mfg design and the very nature of that analysis will employ legions of economists, environmental engineers, the work of whom will be discredited (often with good reason!) by the legions of corporate lobbying groups looking to - you guessed it - relieve the manufacturer of any burdens to consider the *true* cost of their products to the world in which we are hoping to continue to live.

    Off soapbox - for now ;)
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