Jaja Pressure Sensitive Stylus

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by m_hope, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Bronsky

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    What would be ironic is if the new optical technology Microsoft is developing becomes the foundation for a workable pressure sensitive pen on the IPad. That would be odd indeed.
  2. latinvixen

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    I ended up backing this project..so waiting on it to arrive and give a full review.
  3. thatcomicsguy

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    This is really cool!

    I wonder if you can hear the sound? I wonder what frequency it transmits at. I can hear up to around 14,000 Hz. (I had to add sound damping to my recently acquired SSD drive because I could hear the damned thing whining away. Wrapping it in paper towel solved the problem).

    But if it works without irritation, then it's a pretty awesome solution which could be implemented on much larger capacitive touch screens. I hope to see the Jaja get out of the gate.

    Also, I can think of a couple of different implementations which might improve usability. Here's one below:


    The only problem is that palm rejection would have to be added somehow. You'd need to wear a glove like the one in latinvixin's video.

    All in all, not perfect, but I love the process of invention. With time and enough creativity and refinement, I bet you could get this to work at a professional level.
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  4. Jax_Cavalera

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    Just so people know... Wacom are now officially releasing a software driven stylus that will work for the iCrap, yet when I pushed their sales reps about why they won't do this for Windows.. they refused to respond with anything of value.

    Clearly they want Windows owners to spend the big dollars buying their tablets and computers fitted with their Wacom hardware for a lot more chash than the $99 asking price of this stand-alone stylus. Man I despise Wacom so much for that! I hope someone comes out with a driver hack that makes it work on the Windows OS just so we can give them the Virtual Bird.

    As for why I refuse to purchase the iCrap... it's double to 4x the price of alternative hardware that runs Windows so you simply are paying for the Gimmick as if you wanted performance and bang for buck.. you'd be buying windows not IOS. Also, Wacom do not have any modern notebooks with Dedicated Graphics at a price point of under $1800.00 Which if you were able to get the driver for the new stylus to work right.

    you could buy :

    Asus n550JV : 4GB Dedi Graphics, 4th Gen i7 Quad Core CPU, 8 to 16GB Ram and 10 point capacitive multitouch display.. (I own this) and combine it with the pen to make the most brutal 3d/graphics device on the market.

    My notebook only cost $1400 including shipping and this is AUD so other currencies can pick it up even cheaper and it's a solid machine... just missing that pressure pen input.

    Also you are able to comfortably turn the notebook so it's display rests flat on the table and the keyboard stands up (reverse of how it normally looks.. keyboard where display normally is) and with the base area sitting at 90 degrees approx. it puts little to no strain on that wide full display width joint there.. giving you a massive 15.6" tablet workspace.

    again all it needs is the pen.

    I'm looking into Leap Motion to see if someone will output a full function app that lets you use pen-like objects for pressure detection.. and also into several other contenders.. whoever gets into this gaping market hole first will make a good deal of cash in sales of their pen pressure device solution... I can just see this notebook I own going nuts in sales as every man and his dog lines up to buy them and then that pen that gives the pressure support.. inspirational and hopeful!

    p.s. that standalone pen gives 2048 levels of pressure as well with estimated 300hours usage or something... I'd prefer an option with a usb rechargable dock.. similar to the jot touch pro (i think that's the one with it)
  5. Nicholas8681

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    I have yet to try the Wacom stylus, but I've tried nearly all the other options. The JaJa was the best of the bunch and offered the smoothest line thickness/transparency transitions. And with the Teflon tip it moved smoothly along the surface, unlike the other options.

    The only things we are missing to allow the iPad to work with notes, art, etc is location coordinates of the stylus and good pal rejection. Interesting enough the latest iOS did add some stuff to the API that could allow location info. But palm rejection is mixed. Penultimate has a decent implementation, but you lose multitouch gestures system wide.

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