J3400 64 bit graphics driver?

Discussion in 'Motion Computing' started by milowerx, Mar 13, 2015.

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    So here's my dilemma.
    I got a great deal on a j3400 on eBay... $140! Once it was delivered it had Vista on it which was sluggish but once I put Windows 7 Home Premium on it, it picked up speed. One issue was that it would not let me install the graphics driver because it was apparently rated for Windows Pro and up. So I purchased a copy of Windows 7 pro with drivers from Motion Computing which was cool except it's only 32 bit and I want 64 bit because I'm an artist and I want to run Toonboom Storyboard Pro on it but unfortunately the newest version 4.1 with bitmap brushes is only 64 bit!
    I called Motion to get a 64 bit version but unfortunately they never MADE a 64 bit Windows 7 (only for Vista) even though the tablet itself is 64 bit. They told me I could purchase a retail version of Windows Pro 7 64 bit but doubted the drivers would install.
    Soooo now out $25 for the disk I didn't want to purchase a 64 bit version to find out that the graphics drivers wouldn't install. Soooo on a whim I installed Windows 10 Technical Preview on it and the things SCREAMS! Works flawlessly and actually installed in less than 10 minutes. That led me to believe it would run with Windows 8 64 bit which I own so I tried to install that and it works but... those pesky drivers won't work and it gives me an error stating something like the driver isn't slated for this version of Windows which i guess makes sense since it's Windows 8.
    SO, while I can actually draw on the tablet since I was able to install the Wacom drivers on there, AND I can even install Storyboard Pro, it crashes every time start it up and I'm thinking because it's missing those drivers.
    SO, here's my question... is there a way to side load or force a 32 bit driver to install? Or is there some other thing I could do? If anyone knows it's you fellas! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Either way the tablet's cool especially for $140 bucks!
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