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    This came up in my feed and you have to skip to 3 minutes in for Marques to showcase this android powered SMART projector.

    The short and concise cover of this here (Oh yeah, if you want to se the Samsung S7+ - that starts at 6.49 for the "iPad Pro Killer.")

    He covers the basics of this touch based surface projection device in 3 minutes but here's a longer dive below - not that this guy does any more in 18 minutes that Brownlee doesn't in 3 minutes 40 seconds.

    As a general touch only device (no stylus) I think it's stunning - it could be shrunk and the only thing holding it back from being shrunk down to SMARTphone size is the physics of the screen.

    What do you guys think? It's not a tablet - but it so nearly could be.. but so much more

    $999 for this thing apparently.
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