Is There Room for AMD in the Tablet Processor Market? Discussion

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    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) was a bit of a slowpoke when it came to embracing the tablet market, but the company has done an about-face and is poised to make a dent, if it can execute (a classic question mark for AMD).

    The company had taken a pass on the whole netbook market while Intel was pursuing it full tilt with the Atom processor. Then along came the tablets, and ARM Holdings, already dominant in the smartphone market, extended its dominance to the newly-validated tablet market.

    It wound up costing CEO Dirk Meyer his job, as he had been unwilling to pursue netbooks and tablets. After a lengthy search, former Lenovo executive Rory Read took the helm of the company in August of last year.

    Six months later, at the AMD analyst day, AMD announced its tablet plans in the form of a new processor called Hondo. “Between when Dirk left and when Rory arrived, there was a focus on low power, and since Rory has gotten here there has been a larger investment on that focus," said Chris Sutphen, product marketing manager for tablets at AMD.

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