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Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by Kumabjorn, Sep 12, 2017.

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    Count one taker here. Coming from the "Plus" versions, this thing is great. It's like getting the screen, battery and camera of the 8 Plus in the 8 body. The screen is razor sharp, but not as "vibrant" as my son's Galaxy Note 8. I still want the S Pen experience, but I am so locked into the iOS software world (even more importantly iMessage and Facetime) that it is hard to escape that gravity well. In truth, it is a great working and great looking phone for less than Andre the Giant hands. It is an incredible halo device (so much so that if MacBook Pro didn't have that godawful keyboard, I would be getting a MBP 15 instead of a Spectre x360 15, and brave the transition to MacOS to go all in).

    PS - on that MacBook Pro thing - the Touch Bar is another godawful abomination just to avoid bringing touch to the MacOS screen. Microsoft is absolutely right for evangelizing the touch screen (it is a valid third input option behind keyboard and trackpad/mouse), so get over yourselves at Apple and join the party...oh, wait, that might cut into iPad revenues...oh well...
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    Got a brand new iPhone 8 as an early christmas present. The price is too high for X

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