Ipad Pro vs EMR

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by jbomb, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. darkmagistric

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    As far as the debate on EMR vs Apple Pencil.

    EMR (Both Cintiq and S-pen flavor) > Apple Pencil > Wacom AES >/= Mpp/Ntrig

    It never ceases to amaze how Apple got the Pencil so right on its first try.....when others Microsoft/Ntrig have been trying for years to get it passable let alone preferable. Its really just limited by the OS.....The Apple Pencil on Full Mac OS would be a dangerous player in the game.

    One thing I always wondered......I Notice it alot when drawing/inking in Medibang......the ink....flows so naturally...too naturally.....and almost always the line quality goes in the way i want it to......like its....Predicted.....I really can't think of any other way to describe it. Its almost as if the algorithm or whatever that controls the pencil....is working to compute not only where your pen is...but where you're pen will be..... Its especially apparent when I switch to Medibang Paint on my Surface and its the complete opposite experience. The line quality and control I can get on the Pencil I can't even get on EMR sometimes to be honest.
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  2. jbomb

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    oh is that one cheaper? and I'm guessing it doesn't work with the pencil 2 then. is the pencil 2 much better?
  3. doobiedoobiedum

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    Like I said on page one - the iPad 2018 is $300 in the US, £300 in the UK. The 12.9 iPad Pro starts at £969 in the UK and goes up to £1719

    2018 and Pro both work with Pencil but the 2018 uses the original Pencil
  4. batty

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    @jbomb About the Pencil and EMR, both feel very smooth to me even though I prefer EMR as it just feels more 'analog'. I don't know how to explain it clearly, both are smooth, but different kinds of smooth. My girlfriend who does a lot of sketching finds the Pencil to be better due to its artificial zero-gram initial activation force (she needs very very light strokes).

    Samsung seems to be the only one besides Wacom that still offers EMR tablets and convertables. Their S-pens (on both Android and Windows devices) also feel different from the EMR pens on the good old tablet-pcs. The Samsung devices nevertheless have improved a whole lot in terms of parallax, edge accuracy and latency which I really appreciate.

    As for Android vs. iOS, iOS wins hands down for me. There are also a few chromebooks that come with EMR pens (Samsung, Acer). I haven't tried them out yet but if you decide to buy a chromebook, you should check if it supports running Android apps from the get-go.

    For reviews, you might want to check out Brad Colbow's and of course Lisa's channel, as other might have said already. I found their reviews to be pretty spot-on and similar to my experiences with the devices I have/can try out in the store.

    And yes I do think iPads are a bit overpriced :(
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  5. Azzart

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    I continue to disagree on this.
    While the emr vs pencil is debatable and prone to personal preference (in my experience a cintiq companion, cintiq 27, galaxy book(s)) and I prefer the pencil, I still have to see in person a wacom aes device that doesn't feel just like a surface pro 4 pen with better iap and hover cursor speed.
  6. thatcomicsguy

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    The Apple Pencil I tried out seemed pretty great to me, but I was only mucking around with it for a few minutes in a box store so I don't know how it would be long term. -But it was the original model that you need to plug in from the end, and I've heard the Pencil 2.o has made improvements, so that sounds positive.

    The thing which would keep me away from using it, however, is the iPad itself. -And Apple's iOS, and the fact that there is no floating cursor. I find I use the pen for everything on my portable; it is far more handy than the trackpad. -I do use the mouse on my desktop, but only because I have a dual screen setup which can't take pen input on the second screen. Either way, I find a floating cursor essential for non-art applications.

    I also find having a floating cursor useful when actually drawing as it allows for high-def precision.
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  7. GunplaCyril

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    Yea one thing I do miss with the apple pencil is that there is no floating cursor when you hover over your work, it is key to having super precise marks.

    Also, in terms of aes, once you use the apple pencil or emr, aes and others just feel like complete trash. I can't stress enough how much I hate how ntrig or aes pens have a travel threshold of how how much the nib has to push inside the pen before any pen pressure is registered... by design...Namely, pressure doesn't start as soon as the tip touches to screen surface, it has to be pushed in further a couple of mm to start registering a stroke.

    Apple pencil and emr s-pen have zero nib travel distance, it's perfect. Just imagine if your analog graphite pencil had a wiggly and "spongy" tip while you tried to do illustrative work on paper...
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  8. DRTigerlilly

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    When i tried the Apple Pencil both original and v2, when you initially started using the pen, there still felt like a moment of hesitation while the device recognizes the pen, I've never felt that with EMR.

    Once it recognizes the pen, then the flow of ink is continuous, but the initial interaction had a delay. This was using the Notes app, as there were not other ink apps visible on the device,
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  9. AveSharia

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    Now that I've had a couple weeks with the IPP 12.9 (2018), I gotta say I've flipped my order on EMR/Apple Pencil. I agree with all the previous comments about EMR feeling more "analog," but I am not missing the headaches I had on the Helix with offset, drivers, calibration, etc. The pencil, for the most part, just works. I don't miss the cursor because there isn't an offset, so I don't particularly need it. Even my Note feels sloppy when inking compared to the IPP; I can't really say whether that's the hardware, software, or just the difficulty of writing on a 5-inch screen.

    The app ecosystem makes up (so far) for not having a full seat of Photoshop on the thing.

    Also, thatcomicsguy has a good point about the previous generation of the Pencil: the charging mechanism has heretofore been ridiculous. My girlfriend has the (2016?) pro with the first-gen pencil, and it is literally always dead. If she needs it, she needs to charge it for a minute or so; and then it inevitably dies in about half an hour. As a result, she just doesn't use it, which is a bummer.

    The good news is the 2018 pencil is the exact opposite; since it's always charging while snapped to the device, mine is almost always 100% charged, and I haven't even come close to running out the battery yet.
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  10. Simo_the_Wolf

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    I didn't tried every technology, but this is my "trial cases"

    EMR (I worked a lot on all these devices): fujitsu ST5112, fujitsu T730, Samsung Galaxy 10.1, Samsung Galaxy Note4

    Apple pencil (only tried, the ipadpro extensively): ipadpro 2018 (pencil 2.0), ipad 2018 (pencil 1)

    Wacom AES (tried extensively): Envy x360 ryzen, Yoga 530 Ryzen

    Ntrig/Spen (only tried in a store): Surface Book 2, Surface Pro (2017), Surface Go

    I think in general the best experience is with EMR (T730 > ST5112 > Note4 > Galaxy 10.1 (this last one was higher but now it's pretty slow....)), then apple pencils, which are quite responsive and good, but i didn't like very much the interpolating style of the pencil 2.0 (but maybe it depends on the software...).

    Then I would put Surface Book 2, but veeeeery close to apple pencils, a bit behind the Yoga 530 with lenovo active pen 2 and far behind Surface Pro (this could be because the model was the base conf), Surface Go and Hp Envy.

    But I wanted to know if also somebody else had my same feelings in particular about SB2 and Yoga 530 (this last one seems to be not available everywhere), that to me felt very responsive and smooth, very close to apple pencil..
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