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Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by AveSharia, Sep 9, 2015.

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    Keynote here.
    Apple product page

    The presenter is claiming pixel-perfect selection on the Pro's crazy resolution display. "Pressure, tilt and stroke."

    Pencil charges via a lightning connector to the tablet. According to Apple, 15 seconds of charging will get you 30 minutes of use.

    Oh look, side-by-side multitasking. This is starting to look more and more familiar. It must have killed Microsoft inside to demo Office on this. Like all the other iPads, iPad Pro runs iOS, so no full Adobe suite, etc..

    12.9", 2732 x 2048

    Pencil apparently does have palm rejection and replaceable tips (see this video at 2:00 and this article, thx surfaceproartist).

    $799 32 GB Wifi
    $949 128 GB Wifi
    $1079 128 GB + Cellular
    $99 Pencil
    $169 Smart Keyboard

    So looks like a starting build is going to run you $1067 with a keyboard. For comparison, a 64GB Surface 3 with type keyboard and pen runs $679 and a 64GB Surface Pro 3 with a type keyboard runs $929. Without keyboard, you're still looking at $898; compare that to Samsung Galaxy Note Pro at $649, a Surface 3 at $549 or a Surface Pro 3 at $799. Somebody please double-check my math - obviously none of these are apples-to-apples comparisons.

    Available Now.

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    Shocking stuff!
  3. Akif Kücet

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    If it does not run on MacOs, it's just pricey toy.
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  4. Kumabjorn

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    I thought the charging solution was quite clever. But surprised it isn't USB-C. From the PR film it looked like an artist's wet dream. It did look a tad long though, maybe to accommodate extra battery power?

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    It's breathtaking. Look at this video:

    The pencil's form factor annihilates everything, I think. I've been pining for a simple drawing utensil like this for, like, a decade. And look at the length of it!! Maybe the closest contender would be the Wacom Classic Pen. It also has tilt functionality.

    The only problem for me is the lack of an adjustable stand, but it's not hard to imagine one coming out at a later time, either from Apple or a third party. The new version of iOS will have multitasking. Has anyone heard when, or if, the major 2d and 3d apps will be ported over? I wonder what the program being demonstrated in the video is like. It looks very powerful for 2d illustrating...
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  6. WillAdams

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    Yeah, I'm really disappointed it doesn't run Mac OS X.

    Nice to finally see a real Newton replacement though.
  7. ships10

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    This looks promising .....another reason to ponder about the next purchase ....not sure if the screen size is too large for a tablet?
  8. Wells

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    Sticking with iOS feels like a real missed oppertunity here
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  9. cutterline

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    One Sentence : "Just about time"
    I'm really curious about the real life experience, if it is deliver the same experience as seen in the PV then Apple will get my money really bad, I might change my ecosystem to Apple by then.

    Wacom and Ntrig would get real competition soon. This is how it should be done in the first place, rechargeable battery! Looking for AAAA battery in the shop over here is very hard.The shopkeeper would gave me the look like I have some mental illness. At least Lenovo realized this as well in Thinkpad 260 & 460

    I'm kinda surprised they didn't come up with docking as well. This form factor is very suitable for docking

    I do agree it's a bummer that it is not OSX. They must have thought that OSX wouldn't deliver good experience with touch and stylus as iOS do
    The very least, this will get stylus adoption goes up, soon tablets with stylus will be sprouting and Chinese copy as well :p

    I'm pretty curious about the desktop class performance cpu and gpu, what is the exact comparison, 5 years ago cpu/gpu?.
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  10. HeavyHanded

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    It's clever until people drop the ipad while recharging the paintbrush (that thing looks longer than the pencils I used in elementary school). Apple will be making a ton of money repairing bent pencils or busted lightning ports. They should have just made it recharge with AAAA batteries.

    As previously mentioned, the total package will cost you, $1357 (top model)
    A comparable Surface 3 will set you back $1028.

    Did you notice, that it doesn't have palm rejection?

    Their keyboard looks like a combo touch/type cover. That cover can in now way be better than the Surface's. It doesn't even have a touch pad.

    In regards to editing 3 4K video streams, good luck doing that on a 128GB device with no expansion. Apple doesn't get it.

    On the Surface, I can easily add a USB 3 HDD drive, memory stick or a giant Micro SD card to edit video.

    And without full-fledged Desktop programs (oops! I meant apps) I cannot see this being a pro-grade device.

    Still, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But I cannot see this expensive device being the Surface killer (I hope I'm not wrong!)

    I can't wait to see what the Surface Pro 4 can do.
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