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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 7' started by dceggert, Jan 29, 2012.

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    This tip only seems to work in IE9 and not in Firefox.

    Background - if you want to start IE9 or Firefox to a blank page you can put "about:blank", without the quotes, as your default home page. Then, when you start your browser or tap the home button you do not have to wait for a web page to load during the browser start up.

    Both browsers offer tabbed browsing, but when you start a new tab with IE9 it presents an interesting summary of places you have visited ranked in the order of your selection popularity. The tiles are finger selectable. This only seems to be available when a new tab is selected.

    Now for the tip --> make this summary your default homepage. That way, when IE9 starts or you select the home button you get the summary as your home page.

    To do this, navigate to Tools/Internet Options/General and in the box for your home page type "about:tabs" without the quotes. Now, when you start IE9, you have the summary tiles of your most frequently visited sites ready to go and accessible with a tap of your finger.
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