Intel Releases Features Checklist for Windows 8 Tablets Discussion

Discussion in 'News Headlines' started by Ryan Punzalan, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Ryan Punzalan

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  2. Ed Hardy

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    Sometimes a picture says it all:


    This will be awesome, if device makers can actually do it. I'm suspicious a device that weighs less than 1.5 lbs. and runs an Atom processor can actually deliver 9+ hours of battery life.
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  3. excalibur1814

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    - 9+ hours: Heaven (Probably brightness at 0 with wi-fi off)
    - 3G/4G: Not really that interested as that means more cash
    - Connected standby: Ehh? (I'll look it up later)
    - 30 Days standby: Nice feature but I'm not that fussed
    - 1.5lbs light: YES PLEASE!
    - 9mm thin: Make it 12mm and throw in a bigger battery. LISTEN TO US!

    - At least a dual core Atom.
    - 4Gb ram standard with 8Gb being an option.
    - 64Gb mSata standard and NO LOWER. Cheap bloomin' oems!

    I'm currently trying to get a HP Slate 2 as my final tablet before Windows 8 hits so that's nice and thin (ish) :)
  4. Jamison Cush

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    What about price? It would be nice if Intel also said "... and don't charge an arm and a leg for it!"

    It looks like Intel is trying to emulate the same strategy it employed with Ultrabooks, which many have claimed were much too expensive at launch.
  5. Bronsky

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    The form factor of the slate is near perfect. 1.5lbs and 8.9" fit perfectly. > 9mm thick would be nice. There are advantages to the Slate 2 but if you can pick up a slate 500 cheap, they overclock really well. I run mine at 2.2ghz all the time. It feels a lot better than standard clocks. The only limiter is the %#@*&! GMA 500 GPU. If the GPU was stable I'm sure it would clock at 2.5ghz.

    On topic ... the wireless presentation looks great. I was hoping my slate 500 would be a decent presentation device but alas.
  6. ChrisRS

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    I pretty much agree.
    -3G/4G: Make it OPTIONAL or Forget it. I do not want to be tied to a specific carrier, pay another data fee and waste power.
    - 30 day standby: meh.
    - 9mm thin: Battery life and ports are way more important than thinkness (and weight)
    - I want this for Autocad. 8MB and a large size would be great.
  7. Industrial_Designer

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    While I applaud Intel for helping to standardize tablets and their power/computing requirements, I am irritated that Intel is attempting to control innovation to suit their chips.

    My discipline requires a LOT of graphics computation (SolidWorks, Photoshop, Rhino, etc) and Intel has been making it difficult for us industrial designers to find Windows based equipment to suit our workflow. A few year back, when Intel pushed Nvidia (the best dedicated GPU maker in the world, in my opinion) out of the PC market by bringing their own GPU onto their CPU, my industry was concerned...and continues to be more concerned now that it's clear that Nvidia has had to move to the Android tablet world to survive. Meanwhile the Intel shared memory GPUs continues to be inadequate for our processing needs. Worse yet, now Intel is trying to limit tablet size as well? My discipline sketches - and we like to sketch as big as Starbucks, at the train station, on a construction site while conducting research, we LIKE Wacom enabled (or, pen-abled) big tablets (we love Toshiba, Fujitsu & Lenovo flip-screen tablet laptops because they hover around 14-15" and because they had rockin' good Nvidia GPUs with fast CPUs and LOTS of RAM - we used to use 21" Cintiq screens with desktop PCs). So we've enjoyed seeing the larger Windows tablets sneaking out (Asus EP121, Samsung Slate7, Toshiba's potential new 13") and they must run Windows for our various software requirements - BUT if they only have MARGINAL GPU/CPUs, forget it - we need graphics processing POWER, big SIZE, on-board STYLUS storage and as-long-as-possible battery RUNTIME.

    I understand Intel wants to dominate the PC market, but they need to understand that our discipline will transfer to Android and push software makers to write software for that platform if it better suits our needs!!

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