Installing Active Pen Control Panel Latitude 11 5175

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Gas Engineer, Oct 10, 2017.

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    Having just purchased an Active Pen PN556W, I am trying to install the Active Pen Control Panel on my Latitude 11 5175. Win 10 64 bit. The Active Pen Control Panel allows you to configure what the pen buttons do.

    I downloaded the latest driver/app from the dedicated Dell Lat 5175 support page: APP_IO_Driver_W8_W10_A00-SETUP-XYCTY_ZPE.exe.

    But when I try to install it stops after the unpacking / unzipping of files with the message:

    "A supported tablet not found on this system".

    The app/driver support details confirm that it is compatible with Win 10 64 bit and Lat 11 5175.

    I tried downloading some Wacom software to test and if I try to install the Wacom software it gives exactly the same message ”a supported tablet not found on the system” as you would expect as there is no Wacom tablet attached.

    It seems to me as if the Dell/Wacom software is looking for a “tablet” and not finding one i.e. a separate "tablet" that would be (USB?) connected to the system, rather than the standalone computer Dell 5175 "tablet" pc.

    So some confusion in terms between a computer “tablet” and the traditional separate plug in Wacom style drawing “tablet”.

    Could there be a setting somewhere that needs to tell the software that the "tablet" is actually part of the "system".

    Could I ask other 5175 owners if they have successfully installed the active pen control panel, or even download and try it on their tablet. (Download is about halfway down the page of 5175 drivers: ).

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Does the pen works on your tablet without problems?
    The "Bluetooth button", and also both buttons on the side of the sylus work?
    The only thing not working is the Active Pen Control Panel?

    If you anser all of the questions with yes, than you know someone who had exact the same problem. I'd give you the advice contacting the Dell support. Long story short, at the end my LCD screen was replaced. This fixed the problem with the Active Pen Control Panel!

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