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    I started using Windows based tablets back in 1998, when the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) deployed a new inspection protocol for low income and affordable housing projects called UPCS. UPCS was created for HUD's Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) to assess the physical condition of properties receiving HUD funding. During the pilot project, we used Fujitsu Team Pads running Windows 95. These had a touch sensitive screen. You could use a golf tee or pencil eraser as a stylus. They had maybe 32 megs of RAM and maybe 100 mHz processor, I'm not sure any more. And, we walked 5 miles to school, up hill both ways. :) I was told, when I started using Team Pads that they had been a component in the M1 Abrams tank.

    I have not been without a Windows tablet computer since 1998, having had many Fujitsu models from the TeamPad, to various incarnations of the Stylistic 125 to 500 line, to several LifeBooks from P1610 to Q550. I use a fairly powerful desktop at home, and have used a digitizing pad as my main interface device for many years, but I love tablets. I'm really excited to see the size and power requirements of the Core I and other processors starting to bring tablets into the main stream. (And I guess I have to give Apple some credit for popularizing the idea 15 or 20 years after some of us started using them.)

    Today, I travel all over the country inspecting multi-family real estate assets for owners and managers as a consultant instead of a government contractor. I started out on the enforcement side, evaluating properties. Now, I advise them on how to maintain good compliance with government standards and stay out of trouble. I also do training, so I sometimes carry a projector as well as a tablet, but windows tablets have been a key tool in how I make my living for 15 years.

    They are also used by a lot of people in the marginally related field of home inspections. What I do is quite different, but both professions involve gathering data while examining buildings, highly mobile field work, and the need for a very portable computer.
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    I had totally forgotten about the Fujitsu Team Pads. I worked for an insurance risk management group and we used them in a pilot for on site surveys along with the GRID tablets. Like you, a tablet has been with me ever since. The one issue we had was in the design of the survey to allow for the collection of data as opposed to narrative elements.

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