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Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made

Discussion in 'Apple/iOS' started by Ed Hardy, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Ed Hardy

    Ed Hardy Editor, TabletPCReview Staff Member

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    APM's Marketplace has published a video: "Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made"

    Check it out on YouTube:

    Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made - YouTube

    Spoiler: You won't see any horrifying working conditions. Not because Marketplace glossed over them, but because they don't exist. No matter what you've read elsewhere, the reports that Foxconn is some kind of hellhole aren't backed up by facts. It's actually considered a decent place to work by its employees -- better than most of its competitors.
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  2. jemyclarke

    jemyclarke Pen Pal - Newbie

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    This video is really amazing which I have never see before. I think I will share this video on most popular social networking site. I am very shocked that iPads are made in China. Before I thought all Apple products were proudly Made In America.
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