ink desktop in windows 7

Discussion in 'Software' started by ascian, Aug 31, 2009.

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    same problem as described above. is it due to service pack 1?

    **Update: silly me, I didn't apply the patch....
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    I have installed ink desktop for win 764 bit and it seems to be working but I noticed two bugs:

    1) Is it me or its not possible to move ink desktop pad on the desktop? It doesn't look good with my gadgets on the right side in landscape mode.


    2) The other issue is that: when you do some inking and then decide to delete all ink by using button to do this the small yes/no window appears. When you click any option you want there will appear a small square with a color of your desktop.


    If Microsoft fixed it I would be so happy...


    For me the best option is to use a transparent background and use custom desktop like one user did:



    For me in win 7 64bit, it doesnt work nicely with custom desktop. It gets stretched etc. I noticed that when you open ink desktop, it zooms in the desktop - isnt that crazy? Sometimes desktop icons got moved away from the screen area ...
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    Could you please reupload the link for Microsoft sudoku for Windows 7? It's broken...
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