I ran a test comparing artdock.ahk for slate7 with for surface pro

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by guai33333, Sep 6, 2013.

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    I just simply thought that
    2 different devices, 2 different tools, so there must be some differences between artdock for s7s and for surface pro.
    If I find any kinds of differences inside of those files, I can fix the codes for adapt to my latitude 10 and furthermore for windows 8
    atom process devices.
    via this site, Diff Checker - Online diff tool to find the difference between two text files.

    bottom line, I'm panic.

    the result was there is no differences except line 14-15
    "Gui -DPIscale" in surface pro's. obviously it's not relevant to recognition HID.

    I was guessing differences will be placed in

    "RID_UsagePage = 0x0d ;Digitizers
    RID_Usage = 0x04 ;Touch Screen"

    profiles for devices
    and I should find my devices codes and value concerning HID, put those value to artdock.ahk, boom! problem solved.:cool:

    I was totally wrong, both lines in both files have exactly same codes and values.
    I'm totally lost.:mad:-
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