I need to install Win7-6 bit on two T5010 tablets and can't figure out how to buy the software. Help!

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by LROBBINS, Nov 26, 2013.

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    I have two Fujitsu T5010. One is mounted on my daughter Rachele's wheelchair and serves as her voice-output communications device as well as general purpose computer. She works it with either two head-operated switches and/or a gaze tracker. The other is a used one that I just bought that I will use to replace the tired HP-tc4400 I've been using and that will be an "instant swap" backup if Rachi's has problems. Most of my own computer time these days is spent writing code.

    Right now, both T5010 are running WinXP-SP3, 32-bit. However, because current software for the gaze tracker won't work with XP, I need to change the operating system in both Rachi's and this one from XP-SP3 to Win7-64bit and that means I need to buy it, and I haven't been able to figure out how to do so. I just spent a frustrating hour at microsoft.com trying to find any usable information about Windows7, but everything wants to point me back to Windows 8, which I absolutely don't want to use on these computers. Can anyone help me figure out how to get Windows 7 (and which version I should get)? I actually have a Win7 activation key for Rachi's computer as, at one time, I had upgraded it to Win7-32bit, but the upgrade disc is only 32-bit. So I need 64-bit media (or a downloaded image) and either one, or possibly two, keys.

    All I find on ebay and Amazon are OEM versions (with some chunk of dead hardware to make this semi-legit). I'd rather not go that route. There are also some system-builder versions, which might actually be legit as Rachi's computer is certainly not "stock", but I don't want anything questionable. How in the world can I buy Win7 and do I want Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (even the version comparison chart is gone from Microsoft.com)?


    BTW, we live in Siena, Italy but I would prefer an English rather than Italian version for these computers (though if the Win7 version allows it, a multi-language option would be welcome).
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