Huawei MatePad Pro 5G-such a shame

Discussion in 'Other Android Tablet Manufacturers' started by desertlap, Feb 24, 2020.

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    We tested one of these for a customer in Singapore late last week.

    It truly is an excellent piece of hardware with a very accurate and bright display, 5g (mmwave in the model we tested) and battery life better than Samsung's Tab S6 and within a couple of percent of the iPad Air 3

    However the politics that keep it from accessing the play store and google apps effectively kills it for most. In fact the sample we received from the customer while it didn't have any google apps installed did have several apps installed that you'd typically find in the Play Store.

    Unfortunately three of the apps which were side loaded (a note taking app, Samsungs browser app and a docs imitator ) had spyware/malware installed that was sending location data, browsing data, and IP address location to servers in China and Russia virtually non stop.

    Even after removing the offending apps the spyware remained until we did a factory reset of the device and even then we still saw some suspect traffic.

    It's a shame because this really is excellent hardware and Samsung is for all intents and purposes alone in the high end Android tablet market.
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    Awesome reporting, @desertlap! Would you mind cross-posting this to the off-topic thread on Huawei? *This* this, is the bridge I've been seeking to enlighten people. I've never been even close to being a conspiracy theorist, but as it has been paraphrased: "you're not paranoid if people are, in fact, out to get you!"

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