HP2760P replacement?

Discussion in 'HP Elitebooks' started by Algusod, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Keep waiting for a replacement to the 2760P - haven't seen it. I grew from the TX2 to the TM2 to the 2760 - so all of my accessories are HP. The WACOM stylus works on the Note series phones, and the Bamboo feel and Axion styluses work great on both.

    For some reason, the whole world abandoned the things this tablet does. In the tablet mode, the toggle wheel is great for scrolling. The J-stick and touch pad are both handy. And the legacy ports are so well placed. I really don't see anything on the horizon that will replace this.

    What brought me back aside from my annual visit is the article on the status of digitizers, WACOM and N-Trig.

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