HP tx series FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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    Are there additional batteries for my Tablet?
    All the tx models use the same batteries. Find Pictures and Part info here

    How do i fix the cursor randomly moving or jumping?

    Some of users have outlined their solutions here

    What can i do to reduce heat on my tablet?
    Some of the fixes are not for the faint of heart, but if you are comfortable tinkering with your machine, and are aware that opening up the machine will void your warranty, you can check some of the following guides.

    Changing the Thermal Compound

    Penny Fix from Sparkinium

    Hairdryer Fix from Jox

    Some users have even resorted to baking the motherboard :confused: which should only be attempted as a last resort.

    Are there any guides for Operating System Installation?

    Sure! Check them out here
    Be aware that since the tx series of machine are fairly generic, most of these guides apply to all models.

    There are variations between the tx1000/2000 (nvidia graphics and the tx2500/2600/2 machines (ati graphics) and will therefore use different graphics drivers

    The tx2 machines also use Ntrig digitizers instead of Wacom + Passive screens so those drivers will also differ.

    How can i streamline my Installation to run better?

    Check out IamGibby's guide on tx2 tweaks. They can be used on all tx models.

    How can i get Pressure sensitivity working on my tx2000/tx2500 model?

    Can i game on my tx series tablet?
    The tx series is probably the only tablet on the market currently that you can do light to moderate gaming on. Check out some of our users experiences.
    Kristhagreat's Gaming Review
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