HP Spectre x360 15" (early 2018) - 8th gen H-series class quad + AMD Vega Graphics!

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by stormi, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Stormi, sometimes drivers end up in an unstable or just plain wrong state. Windows Fast Startup caches driver states, so even a reboot won't clear this up. Try disabling Fast Startup (the machine will take a few seconds longer to boot, but it's worth it for the added stability). That way if things go temporarily sideways, it will remain temporary and will be cleared with a shutdown and startup.
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    Long time since I've had any major updates, but this is important.

    So I guess everyone is aware of the issues with the Radeon Vega M drivers - at least since a while ago the HP supplied were pretty old. But this issue has been solved, mostly, as HP now provides the Intel self-updating drivers.

    Anyway - there is another major issue. This time with the battery. So the laptop is what... ~1.5 years old. I noticed that the performance has gone down quite a bit during this time so I said I'd try some dust removal. Opened up the case (which is quite easy) and to my surprise the battery was deformed seriously. pic1.JPG

    I've contacted HP support and fortunately, due to the fact that I did buy the HP Care package, the unit is still under warranty. Sent them this pic and they are sending me a replacement battery ASAP.

    Since this might be a major issue I thought I'd give you guys some heads up - check your battery and if necessary (or possible) contact HP for a replacement. Unfortunately, as I've seen on the HP support forums, if your warrant is void you might need to buy one yourself.

    The good news is that the battery is easily replaceable.
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