HP Spectre X2 Hybrid - My impressions and things to improve

Discussion in 'Hewlett Packard' started by OnenoteLover, Mar 8, 2014.

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    First of all I absolutely love my new HP spectre x2 hybrid device. I had an other hybrid before but that one was more a tablet first device and it turned out that I need an ultrabook first hybrid (work etc.). So my buying specs were simply: At least 11,7 inch, 128gb SSD (real SSD...), 4GB RAM, Atom 37xx or better. After hours of research I got the HP Spectre X2 and I am still happy with my purchase.

    What I like
    - I never thought that I would buy a tablet from HP as other brands are more known here in Germany - HP doesn't really promote their (great) tablet devices in Europe - weird
    - Performance (CPU, RAM, SSD) is just great for productive work and getting things done quickly - and all fanless (i5...) which is impressive
    - Same for the screen: 13.3 inch is so much better for work but almost an overkill for tablet use (movies, games, etc.)
    - But it still works ok as a tablet even if the tablet is almost 1kg but for me thats ok as I stays in my apartment almost 90% of its time
    - The keyboard is perfect for me and the backlight is super sweet
    - The touchpad feeling and accuracy is a pure pleasure - Macbook feeling
    - The build quality is on Macbook level - really impressive - great material (but then: heavy...) which will last long
    - The hinge makes a very good impressive and doesnt have much flex - great!
    - 3G connection is a great gadget and feels good but most likely I wont need it that often (yet) ;)
    - Wifi performance is absolutely amazing!

    What annoys me and HP needs to improve - really...
    - The tablet touch is far from perfect! If you hold the device it works good but it lays flat on the table the touch completely misbehaves and skips my touches - HP: not acceptable! I hope that this isnt a hardware problem
    - Touch also from time to time stops working in the middle of something and then I have to turn off / on the device (which is a matter of seconds)
    - The battery runtime is disappointing for me even after a few cycles: I make about 5:30hrs including the keyboard (battery) which is an average consumption of 8.x watts (50 Watt hours total battery capacity). Tests and HP itself said it can run about 10hrs which is an average of 4 watts but I didnt figure out yet how to every achieve such great values. Using BatteryBar Pro: Windows Battery Life Tracker for getting these values. Of course the device is then always super fast but I want a mode where I have 10 hrs runtime. I guess firmware update could help and more manual trial and error with energy settings.
    - The Windows Home button: That it works by touch is ok for me but that I cannot turn of its backlight is really stupid in tablet mode as it's super bright - HP: pls fix by firmware
    - Even if thats not a huge problem for me: Why didnt HP add one USB to the tablet itself ? Why placed HP the headphone port at the bottom of the device ?

    So lets hope that HP will continue working on improving this great device. I general I am happy with it and dont regret buying it at all. But the touch and battery problems really make me angry at least once a day ;)

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    Hello Felix,

    let me make it more worth:

    1. the 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD version is available in several countries in Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, UK, etc.) except Germany.
    2. The official dual mode case is a mess and very expensive. They are to stupid to release pictures from all three modes (Folio / Stand, Case) on their web site.
    3. SD Slot not bootable
    4. no SSD encryption integrated in the BIOS nor any on-display keyboard for MS Bitlocker pre-boot PIN
    5. Smartphone headsets not working well
    6. No tool pre-installed by HP to change battery profile automatically if undocked (e.g. Highperformance / Balanced)
    7. No Kensington lock
    8. Display not working with Stylus like Adoit
    9. no NFC tools pre-installed
    10. Recovery USB not working and pre-installes Apps (HP App store mentioned in the manual and Adobe software) are not available for download
    11. No real folio case available
    12. several 3rd party vendors stopped selling skins
    13. no HDD kit for dock available in Europe
    14. It looks like Battery is always charging
    15. sometimes it needed to be restarted twice - depends on Fast boot feature and Secure boot UEFI settings
    16. Special keystrokes to enter BIOS without connected keyboard are not documented
    17. VGA & LAN adapter are expensive and not included in the box

    But yes, fully agree with you:nice look & feel, excellent build quality. The first MacBook Air with a Touchscreen, running Windows :D
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    Tnx for that

    I especially like:
    • No SSD encryption integrated in the BIOS nor any on-display keyboard for MS Bitlocker pre-boot PIN
    • Display not working with Stylus like Adoit
    • No NFC tools pre-installed

    Not having a stylus isnt too critical for me but in this price class it's a must. SSD encryption requires hardware keyboard indeed which is the reason I didnt / couldnt encrypt this device. Would love to try NFC (with my phone etc) but no applications available.

    What do you mean by "It looks like Battery is always charging" ?
    Do you know the keystrokes ? "Special keystrokes to enter BIOS without connected keyboard are not documented"
    I dont have the "restart twice" problem.
    The recovery from recovery partition (via Win8 reset feature) works fine for me but didnt try the USB one. All the preinstalled applications and drivers I also found on the HP US driver page.

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