HP Spectre x2 (2015) at CES

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    Just before I had to go to CES 2016 in Las Vegas I had picked up the Spectre x2 m3 Core. I had set it up, actually installed PowerDirector 14, Office 365, some photo editing programs and some other programs I use for work. So I was all set and had been testing and using the Spectre x2 for the last week after Christmas. Everything was working great, though Windows 10 has several bugs so not blaming the Spectre x2 for those issues. I get those same issues with my Surface Book and same on Surface Pro 4.

    Well then I decided that maybe it would be better to get the m7 version so I returned the m3 Spectre x2 to Best Buy and ordered the m7 Core version. Problem I was going to be at CES 2106. So I looked up for the nearest Best Buy in Las Vegas that was close to the Convention Center and told the girl at Best Buy to have it sent to that store and I would pick it up. Long store short, got it set it up and away I went to the show floor with Spectre x2. Well, I got to say the Spectre x2 performed flawlessly. I was able to actually notice the performance between the m3 and m7 a bit. The only thing I had issue was the sleep mode and the occasional display driver. The sleep issue is a Windows 10 problem that doesn't let the computer go to sleep. So what I did was just edit the registry to create hibernate. Yes it was not going to be always On. I don't mind because my phone would get my emails as they came in from work. This helped to not make the Spectre x2 turn On and or drain the battery. I never carried the adapter, I left at the Hotel and was able to get through the day. I didn't use the Spectre x2 every minute, but would have to use it through out the show to mark up documents or PDF's for the office. I also edited the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S video on the Spectre x2, see below.

    Also while I was at the Intel booth, all I saw was the HP Spectre x2 been used to demo RealSense and used for other demo's. It was nice to see this. I also got to see the new HP EliteBook which looks like a MacBook very thin and the 4k display was awesome!

    The Spectre x2 does very well in transferring files from my external hard drive to the microSD. I was able to transfer almost 10GB in about 3 minutes. Right now I have a 64GB mircoSD card and plan on getting 128GB microSD card. What I am storing on the microSD card is all my cloud documents, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. I use the internal for programs and will use for on the go video editing. My Surface Book is my full on power machine that I will use on the road, office and home as needed.


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