HP Slate500 (1st Gen)-Looking for modified drivers for Intel GMA500-OpenGL/HDMI Support (Win7.32bit)

Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by tabamop, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Hi everyone. I'm trying to revive an old HP Slate 500 1st gen that I have to play 1080p video files in the kitchen (not really for online web surfing/streaming, maybe home LAN sharing... basically offline and connected to an external hard drive). Unfortunately, the latest versions of vlc player and media player classic home cinema did not work and everything played very poorly (e.g. choppy transitions, out of sync audio, stuttering playback). Even tried the CCCP Codec pack (latest stable from 2015) without luck.

    I've tried searching for a few hours back and forth between a few of the older threads from tabletpcreview (years 2010-2011) and some very old intel community threads from around the same time period.

    I read that some HP Slate500 1st Generation users were successful with getting OpenGL/HDMI output support (via the dock) with some modified configuration files.

    Unfortunately, all of the hosted links and sites like pocketable forum are expired/down :(

    I tried visiting the Intel EMGD driver support page but it seems like this needs to be modified in a way I am not very familiar with on getting the LED Backlight and HDMI output (which some of the older threads had issues with). Many of the Intel EMGD files also stated they were for the z6xx Atom and GMA600 versions. I don't mind the max resolution limitation and flash limitation (maybe that's fixed?).

    When you have some free moments to check, could anyone here by chance that has these needed files, possibly share them here again? Currently, I'm just using the stock intel GMA 500 driver and crystal HD driver from the official HP site, Windows 7 32bit OS (stock).

    Thanks a lot for taking the time out to check this topic and for some extra help!
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